On September 14, 2021, Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini filed HB 99, a bill that would require the Governor to appoint an independent third party to conduct a “forensic audit” of the 2020 general election. The bill targets cities as it calls for an “audit” in “every precinct in each county with a population of 415,000 or more.”

Rep. Sabatini previously called on the Secretary of State’s office to initiate audits in Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Orange Counties, the five largest counties in Florida. Secretary of State Laurel Lee responded, “Florida’s election in 2020 was accurate, transparent, and conducted in compliance with Florida law. Florida has already conducted both pre and post elections audits, and we are confident in the security and integrity of our 2020 election.”

In early October 2021 the Lake County Republican Party passed a resolution calling for a recount and audit of the 2020 presidential election. They argue that, while former President Donald Trump won the state of Florida, his margin of victory could be larger after an “audit.” Governor Ron DeSantis and leaders of both parties praised the security and accuracy of Florida’s 2020 election. However, following the completion of the Cyber Ninjas’ sham review in Arizona, baseless allegations of voter fraud and a call for so-called “audits” have escalated. SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSource

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